Pictures of Silverfish

There are many different species of silverfish in the world and they can appear quite different when it comes to size, shape, and color.

The most common type of silverfish are a brownish colour with a silver "frosting" that will come off when you squish them. But they can also appear to be almost white or very dark brown.

House centipedes are sometimes referred to as silverfish but this is false. House centipedes are an entirely different species.

House Centipede, not a Silverfish
This ugly customer is a house centipede, not a silverfish.

Another insect that looks very similar to silverfish is the firebrat. Firebrats are usually more of a red color and they are often found in warmer environments. Typical places you might find a firebrat are next to heaters, boilers, furnaces, or ovens.

silverfish firebrat



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